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Guichet Mobile
Point d'information mobilité

Grand-Rue 24, 1260 Nyon


 022 363 80 95
Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:00

By bus

See the 2017 Regional plan and the Urban plan.

  • Line 801, from the Nyon train station
  • Line 802, from Little Prairie and Nyon train stations
  • Line 810, from La Rippe, Crassier and Nyon train stations
  • Line 815, from Gingins and Nyon train stations

Get off at the Terre Bonne stop for lines 801 & 802. Operates every 15 minutes.
Get off at the Terre Bonne Sud stop for line 810 and Terre Bonne Nord stop for line 815. Operates every 30 minutes during peak hours and then every hour.


By train

  • From the Nyon train station:
  • Bus 801 et 802 direction Terre Bonne
  • Bus 810 direction La Rippe
  • Bus 815 direction Gingins


By bicycle

The PubliBike station at Terre Bonne is equipped with 20 terminals for electric bikes and offers covered parking for other bicycles and motorbikes.
PubliBike stations in Nyon are located at train station and at the boat jetty.

Network map of La Côte:PubliBike Stations


By boat

Line N3 from Yvoire, then bus 811 from the boat jetty to the Nyon train station.


P+R (park-and-ride) nearby

P+R Petite Prairie then line 802

P+R Gravette then line 802