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Business Park Terre Bonne

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Grand-Rue 24, 1260 Nyon


 022 363 80 95
Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:00

A region that is booming

The Business Park of Terre Bonne in Eysins hosts many renowned local and international companies. The location will eventually accommodate over 2,000 employees.

This beneficial growth for the commune of Eysins and the district of Nyon requires specific measures that address the commuting needs, accessibility requirements and parking space management.


Commitment of the businesses

In 2011, the Terre Bonne Business Park companies, the commune of Eysins, the Regional Council of the district of Nyon and the Canton, partnered together to come up with an intercompany mobility Plan. The aim of this pilot scheme is  to promote a multimodal form of mobility by reducing the number of cars, making rational use of parking spaces and developing the infrastructure needed to improve the accessibility to the site.

In May 2012, a charter was signed by a dozen of the Business Park companies. They committed themselves to reach out to their employees and promote alternative modes of transport to the individual car. In this context, the companies funded the installation and infrastructure needed to better access the site, and paid for a self-service bicycle station.

    • List of companies at the Business Park Terre Bonne

    • Becton Dickinson
    • CIME
    • Fresenius
    • Global Blue
    • Inmarsat
    • IMI Hydronic Engineering
    • Kepler Cheuvreux SA
    • Merck
    • Nemaco
    • Pop e Poppa
    • Puig
    • Quotient
    • Regus
    • Sword Technologies
    • TLC SA
    • The Kitchen
    • Webloyalty