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Guichet Mobile
Point d'information mobilité

Grand-Rue 24, 1260 Nyon


 022 363 80 95
Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:00

Guichet Mobile promotes mobility!

To change travel habits, good information and communication with employees is essential. Offering solutions, however, is even better! For this purpose, Guichet Mobile travels to companies, sets up an information booth, and makes itself available to inform employees about the various modes of transport and services offered. Guichet Mobile also organizes special events that give employees the opportunity to test the proposed solutions.


Guichet Mobile’s information booth

Guichet Mobile goes on-site to greet and inform employees at their information booth. They speak about the services they offer, answer questions and collect registrations.


Informational events

Guichet Mobile organizes informational events twice a year. They generally focus on a particular theme (biking, walking, carpooling, public transport, challenges, etc…). Dates are communicated to companies 1-2 months in advance.

A few examples of events:

The Ebiketour

The Ebiketour is a fun outing that lets you discover the pleasures of riding an electric bicycle. It can be organized as a one-time annual event, as a team building activity, or simply as a back-to-nature outdoors excursion. It is organized in partnership with the ATE (Association of Transports and Environment).

The bike repair workshop

A team of young people in training with the Pro-Jet association comes to your company’s premises for half a day. They will repair any bike that is brought to them (personal bikes as wells as professional ones). Each bike is dropped off and picked up by the employee. If desired, advice is provided on bike maintenance and repair.

Operation 10’000 steps

This is an event that is promoted by the Federal Health Department and which occurs over a period of 2-4 weeks. The challenge for participants is to achieve 10,000 steps a day. An online platform allows you to track the progress of each team and participant. It’s a great way to achieve your goal and win a prize!

The mobility challenge

Employees can sign up and pledge to come to work for one week with a mode of transport other than a car. This is a good way to try something different without fully committing! Free or discounted tickets are offered. Carpooling teams are formed for the occasion. Vouchers for self-service bike rentals are available. Awards and prizes will reward the participants!

Contact us for more information about these events.