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Who we are

Guichet Mobile
Point d'information mobilité

Grand-Rue 24, 1260 Nyon


 022 363 80 95
Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:00

The aims of Guichet Mobile

Guichet Mobile – the go-to platform for mobility information – was created to assist businesses in developing a mobility plan for their employees.

For this purpose, Guichet Mobile proposes new and advantageous mobility solutions for all employees of one or more worksites, and supports transit measures already in place at each company.

Thanks to our knowledge of the situation of the business park site, which takes into account the arrival of new companies, new public transit options or the latest soft mobility alternatives, Guichet Mobile is able to advise employees on the best form of transportation to meet their needs and requirements.

To fulfill its mission, Guichet Mobile travels regularly to meet businesses and offers a telephone hotline.

Guichet Mobile works closely with businesses and the local authorities to encourage dialogue. The aim is to develop new travel options for daily commuters.